Blue Mountain Feeds has a number of services to support their customers, those who may be experiencing production challenges and those interested to learn more about this new livestock production industry. Are you experiencing:

Bird production problems? Product quality issues?
– short breeder season
– poor egg laying
– low hatchability
– slow growth
– poor feed conversion
– high chick mortality
– leg problems
– small meat muscles
– low meat yields
– some pale meat muscles
– meat darkening on oxidation
– immature skins
– thin skins
– poor feather quality

Nutrition consultancy program. Our ebooks are also availabe to purchase and provide a wealth of information.

Do you need assistance with a legal situation concerning your Ostrich operation or are you an attorney looking for an Ostrich Expert Consultant? Daryl Holle is recognized by the Courts in the United States as a qualified Ostrich Expert Consultant and available to help with your Ostrich related court cases.  Click on the “Services” tab and select a sub-menu item for more information.