About Blue Mountain


Daryl Holle founded Blue Mountain Feeds in 1991. Daryl Holle has been a nutrition consultant to the livestock industry for over 25 years. When he purchased his first Ostrich in 1990, he quickly discovered that the major brands of feed available for Ostriches were severely deficient in what he knew equaled high performance nutrition for most any production animal. Daryl devised his own Ostrich rations with very specific ingredients and controls. When other Ostrich ranchers witnessed the success of Daryl’s birds, they wanted to feed the same nutritional program. This is how Blue Mountain Ostrich Feeds was born.

By word of mouth, from rancher to rancher, the successes of feeding Blue Mountain Feeds spread across the country and the world.

Daryl Holle has been an active advocate for the Ostrich and Emu industry concerning nutritional aspects of birds. He has been an invited speaker at many association seminars about nutritional subjects and he has written several books and many nutritional articles for trade magazines.

He continues to pursue ultimate nutritional performance from Ostrich and Emu with ongoing research. He strongly feels that COST EFFECTIVE feeding of ratites is a MUST to meet those goals of high production, fast weight gains, oil production, hide production and proper genetic development to bring about commercial success of the industry.

Blue Mountain Feeds Inc. is based in Colorado, USA.