Latest News Update

News Flash dated December 10, 2015:  I have received news of two former associates of Blue Mountain Feeds claiming to have the formulations and formulation expertise belonging to Blue Mountain Feeds.  It is important to understand that Blue Mountain Feeds no longer has any personal representatives in the United States or overseas and has never shared any complete formulation data of its proprietary premixes or supplement feed products.  The expertise of formulating ratite feed ingredients of certain sources and qualities is known only to the founder of Blue Mountain Feeds.  So please be cautioned that if anyone claims this proprietary expertise, it cannot possibly be a true statement.

News Flash dated January 11, 2016:  Blue Mountain Feeds is building a new website and will create a “Members” area that is password protected in order to display Ostrich nutritional bulletins, research data, Nutritional and Feeding Management articles, etc.  The launch date of this new members only section will be sometime early in 2016.